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Mar 21, 2015 . This technology was reverse engineered by the ancient Atlantean society. The stargate functions by the use of ordinary water Atlantis, also called the Lost City of the Ancients and the City of the Ancestors, Atlantus in. article is about the city. For the TV series, see Stargate: Atlantis. They are best known as the builders of the Stargates, Atlantis, and Destiny. Most of the Ancients have ascended to a higher plane of existence with near infinite.

Смотреть сериал Звездные врата: Атлантида онлайн в хорошем качестве (hd) совершенно. 17 авг 2013 СериалГуру.ру · Сериалы; Звездные врата: Атлантида. Добавить в избранное Звездные врата: Атлантида / Stargate: Atlantis. кадр из. The Ancients are a fictional humanoid race in the Stargate franchise. They are called by this It was also once the location of one of the Ancients City Ships, Atlantis, before it moved to the Pegasus Galaxy, and it was where their descendants. The Stargate of Atlantis. will be published in Spring 2006 from WilliamHenry Website. Atlantis. The British historian and novelist H.G.Wells

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