Карту starcraft bunker, программа для скачивания файлов с depositfiles

Jul 27, 2016 Description. Bunker Command was released on June 19th, 1998 as Blizzard's Map of the Week. It's an UMS map. It's designed for 4-6 Players. Apr 30, 2010 StarCraft II; 10 Monthly Downloads; Supports: 2,652 Total License: Leave credit to RailTracer; Newest File: Bunker Unit Defense you want with this map just leave credit to me the RailTracer you know, for the triggers. The triple bunker rush build order is shockingly effective on certain maps. arrive sooner rather than having to walk across the entire map to get in position.

Jan 21, 2009 Renaka StarCraft Maps - Nova's Ark Download Maps SC1 Map Packs Keyword Sorted Maps: Bunker, Cannon, Firebat, Ghost, Goliath. Bunker Command II is a UMS map for StarCraft: Brood War. it is suited for 4-8 players. The isometric look of StarCraft is achieved in StarEdit by combining square You can only load bunkers after a game has started with an AI script called "Enter Closest Bunker". Can I fix the starting colors for each player on a custom.

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