Kalanta клип: топ хит чарт муз тв

Kalanta. Posted on June 25, 2015 June 25, 2015 by kgrangenette Posted in Uncategorized. Donner (2) Recent Posts. Contact · Victoria · Kalanta. Romas Kalanta (February 22, 1953 – May 15, 1972) was a 19-year-old Lithuanian high school student known for his public self-immolation protesting Soviet. Kalanta (English: Carols) is an EP by popular Greek artist Despina Vandi. It was released on 22 "Kalanta" was the first single released from the EP and a music video was made. "Mehri Mai Mina". "Mehri Mai Mina" was the second single. Sung by Bing Crosby in his 1954 musical film "White Christmas" featuring the songs of Irving Berlin including White Christmas. Starring Bing Crosby himself.

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